Poetry is
meandering in
the meadows

Using imagination to reflect, explore, express and inspire!

Explore ways to use Poetry as a tool in your self development & coaching work.

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I am Yash Chitale -poet, coach, architect, designer, and entrepreneur. In my work, I strive to bring the  gifts from all these narratives that have shaped me to help and support those who cross my path. I inhabit two worlds – physically I work as an architect in San Francisco, live in Millbrae, California with my husband and two kids and spiritually, I lean into my metropolitan upbringing from Mumbai, India


Meandering in the Meadows 

Meandering in the Meadows, you come across a stream

On this side is familiar ground, holding your back

On the other side unknown allure, pulling you along

On this side you know every bird, the land, and the tree

On the other side is adventure, a call to discovery

Staying here is repeating the same, in pursuit of mastery

Going there is a new beginning, in pursuit of artistry


Meandering in the Meadows, you come across a stream

You pause for a moment, looking for a bridge – a connection

You see your own reflection and in it – a conundrum, a choice.

A voice says, “Be bold, choose the stream and neither of the sides!

The stream is the real flow that promises much unfolding,

at the upstream are the summits, bottom of the beginnings

and downstream are many turns and some forks for the failings


Keep going with the flow, and this going will be long

Perhaps there’s a chance – to be the ocean and the song!


As a creative soul – poetry, design, conversations, people, their worlds and being present in their journey resonates with my way of being. 

I am on this path, where all streams merge to create an ocean of wisdom and value.

My offer is to support you for your specific needs using my poetry.

Poetry as
A Call to Action

As Coaches, we look for ways to use metaphors, declarations and calls to encourage our clients to engage with self, others and their life’s work

Poetry for

As Coaches, we anchor our client’s way of being in narratives – current as a starting point and an aspirational narrative that can set them on a path of transformation.

Poetry as
Reflection tool

As Coaches, we want our clients to reflect and engage with their moods, emotions and feelings and journal around their situations using prompts.

Poetry as
a Practice

As Coaches, we give practices to have our clients explore mind-heart-body engagement. Poetry can help stimulate all centers, inspire creativity and renewal

Interested in using poetry for your clients & conversation!

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