Here are a few questions to ponder upon!

Q1. You are facing a breakdown and questioning your way of being in one or more domains of your life. You need a sounding board and a supportive environment to navigate this transition. Sit with this thought for a few hours, days or even a week and notice if you really feel that there is something that you want to transform, change, question. What is it? Can you put it down in words?
Q2. It is a process of self-sustaining, self-generating transformation with the support of a coach. Why are you entering this process? What transformations are calling you? What do you expect to get from yourself and your coach along this journey?
Q3. The amount of immersion and how much you should and can do with what you are learning will be up to you based on your individual motivation and supportive environment. Do you think you can commit this time, create space and ask for support from others in personal and professional life to make this engagement successful? Do you have any ideas on how you can do this and who else will be supporting you as you take this on? What are some obstacles, constraints you face that can create challenges to this development?
Q4. To bring yourself fully in the conversation and bring attention to all domains of your life. Are you open to discussing all topics? Are there some areas you want to keep out of this equation? What are your reasons?