About Me

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I am Yash Chitale -poet, coach, architect, designer, and entrepreneur. In my work, I strive to bring the  gifts from all these narratives that have shaped me to help and support those who cross my path. I inhabit two worlds – physically I work as an architect in San Francisco, live in Millbrae, California with my husband and two kids and spiritually, I lean into my metropolitan upbringing from Mumbai, India

As a creative soul – poetry, design, conversations, people, their worlds and being present in their journey resonates with my way of being. I am on this path, where all streams merge to create an ocean of wisdom and value. 

Our legacy is like footprints on sand, only to be erased by the next wave….and yet there is joy in walking alongside each other. 

In the open palm of my hands, I see my Life’s appraisal

Palm full of faith in the Almighty’s miracles

Palm full of love for those who matter most

Palm full of selfcare for my body and soul

Palm full of success in my worldly endeavors

and only, Palm full of sadness for all that couldn’t be…